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Zinnia, Salmon Rose

Zinnia, Salmon Rose

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Salmon Rose is understated and beautiful.  Honestly, she doesn't really need any other introduction, so we'll just let you ooh and ahh at her beauty like we continue to do.  

Reasons we love growing Zinnias:
- heat tolerant, loves full sun
- drought tolerant (after established)
- pest + disease resistant
- deer resistant
- low maintenance 
- pollinators love them! 
- great for cut flowers

Because zinnias in general seem to grow better in "basic" soil, Jess loves to plant them in full sun, throughout her parking strip* around her house.  Note that our zinnias will produce bushy, prolific blooms from early summer thru first frost (or later!) because we pinch them back when they're about 6" tall.  Pinching back the plant encourages side shoots and more growth.  Plants may benefit from basic staking. 

And remember that the more you snip spent blooms (known as deadheading), the more new blooms will grow.  You can also leave the blooms (and whole plant) intact thru the winter for the bees and other insects to shelter in.  Don't forget to let one or two blooms dry up (yes, they will turn brown) so you can save seeds to grow again next year!  

  • Days to Harvest: 75
  • Companion Plants: Cosmos, Cucumbers, Marigolds, Tomatoes, Zucchini
  • Open-Pollinated (OP)
  • Plant Spacing: 6 - 12"


Photo Credit: Uprising Seeds 

Growing Guide

Whether you're a new or seasoned gardener, it can be good to educate yourself about your new plant.
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