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Zinnia, Dreamin' Remix

Zinnia, Dreamin' Remix

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Because we love zinnias so much, this year we are bringing you multiple varieties!  Say hello to the Dreamin' Remix.  And isn't she a beauty???

The Dreamin' Remix is quite the stunner and grows to about 4' in height.  Due to the origin of this mix, there's lots of unique diversity to discover in this absolutely gorgeous flock of florals.  That's right, we said flock of florals.  We'd love to add this into our regular vocabulary because it just sounds mysteriously cool.  

Reasons we love growing Zinnias:
- heat + drought tolerant
- pest (including deer) + disease resistant
- great for cut flowers
- pollinators love them! 

Because zinnias in general seem to grow better in "basic" soil, Jess loves to plant them in full sun, throughout her parking strip (AKA the strip between the curb and the sidewalk)* around her house. *If you plant these in your front/side yard, be prepared for neighbors and random strangers alike to stop by and sing the praises of these beautiful blooms.  For real. 

Note that our zinnias will produce bushy, prolific blooms from early summer thru first frost (or later!) because we pinch them back when they're about 6" tall.  Pinching back the plant encourages side shoots and more growth.  

Zinnias thrive in full sun, do well in clay soil and may benefit from being staked.  Don't forget to let one or two blooms dry up (yes, they will turn brown) so you can save seeds to grow again next year!  

  • Days to Harvest: 75
  • Companion Plants: Cosmos, Cucumbers, Marigolds, Tomatoes, Zucchini
  • Open-Pollinated (OP)
  • Plant Spacing: 6 - 12"

Photo Credit: Siskiyou Seeds 

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