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Thyme, Orange

Thyme, Orange

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If you love a classic culinary Thyme like we do, then you should totally try Orange Thyme!!  It grows just like any typical culinary thyme, but it's the smell and taste that differ.  Peak flavor is best just before the plant flowers.  

Subtle notes of citrus, orange to be exact.  It's not often we get hints of orange in the garden.  Orange is just so refreshing.  Amp up your culinary (or cocktail!) game with some orange-scented thyme.  We'll be sharing some fun recipes this summer on how we're using it in our own gardens!   

Plants grow 6-12" tall with a slow, sprawling habit.  Originally from the Mediterranean area, this herb is prefers full sun and dry soils - like lavender, rosemary and other Mediterranean herbs.  Little pale pinkish flowers bloom mid-summer; cut back foliage halfway when the blossoms fade to keep the plants looking fresh.  Great for containers, rock gardens, herb gardens, parking strips! 

  • Days to Harvest: 75 - 90
  • Companion Plants: Cabbage, Eggplant, Oregano, Peppers, Tomatoes
  • Perennial, Open-Pollinated (OP)
  • Plant Spacing: 6 - 12" 


Photo Credit: Strictly Medicinal Seeds

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