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Sunflower, Ring of Fire 6pk

Sunflower, Ring of Fire 6pk

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Ring of Fire is a beautiful sunflower with 5" blooms featuring golden petal edges and a inner ring of red surrounding the chocolate brown center.  This bicolored beauty tends to bloom later than other varieties but we love a fresh look late in the season.     

Plants grow to about 4 - 5' tall with lots of branching.  The primary flower is 6-8" and plants continue to set many smaller, 3-5" flowers on long stems through the end of the season. Ring of Fire is an All-America Selections winner (2001) and also makes a stunning edition to floral arrangements!  
Grow them along the backs of your flower beds or along a south-facing fence.  Very attractive to bees and other beneficial pollinators.  Once established, they make great plant supports for climbing beans! 

Sunflowers are very easy to grow and make a great choice for new gardeners and kids.  Blooms summer into fall.    

  • Days to Maturity: 120
  • Companion Plants: Basil, (Pole) Beans, Cucumbers, Peppers, Squash, Tomatoes
  • Heirloom, Open-Pollinated (OP)
  • Plant Spacing: 12 - 30"  

Remember: Saving seeds from sunflowers is super easy & cost effective!  Letting just one flower head dry (on the plant) can provide you hundreds of seeds, either to snack on or plant for next season! 

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Whether you're a new or seasoned gardener, it can be good to educate yourself about your new plant.
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