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Kale, Baltic Red

Kale, Baltic Red

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We've been looking for a beautiful & delicious curly kale to add to our collection.  Baltic Red Kale literally checks all the boxes for us.  

Dark and beautiful.  Highly ruffled leaves that span from green to dark red, with purple veins and stems.  Tender and sweet for a red, frilly kale.  More vigorous than others of its type. 
Mildly flavored leaves turn dark green when cooked. Baltic Red is really quite gorgeous and a great choice for an edible ornamental. An heirloom variety originating, as the name suggests, in the Baltic region of Europe. 

These sturdy plants reach 2' tall and will provide a continuous supply of medium-sized finely curled, red leaves.  Good yields & very hardy.  The whole plants turn a deep purple red, especially after the first frost.   In our climate, kale can grow through the winter without protection and it becomes sweeter after the first frost.  Looks gorgeous planted basically anywhere.    

  • Days to Maturity: 65
  • Companion Plants: Basil, Beans, Chives, Marigold, Nasturtium, Oregano, Thyme
  • Open-Pollinated (OP), Heirloom
  • Plant Spacing: 12 - 18" 


Photo Credit: Adaptive Seeds 

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