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Tomatillo, Purple de Milpa

Tomatillo, Purple de Milpa

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In 2023, we introduced purple tomatillos and we don't know about you, but we absolutely loved them for their beauty, taste and ease of growing!  So we're bringing the purple back, but this time we're growing an heirloom variety - Purple de Milpa. 

Purple de Milpa Tomatillos are traditionally grown in the Milpa, a cleared field where corn, beans, squash and often many other crops (hello plant diversity!) are grown together, in Mexico and Central America.  The fruits are about 1-2" in diameter and have a slightly sharper flavor, which is preferred for most Mexican dishes.  

This variety is delicious when eaten fresh (in salads or added to sandwiches), in salsa or flash frozen for a later use.  

Purple tomatillo plants are semi-determinate, heavily branched with dark green leaves and striking purple veins.  They produce super high yields and grow to about 3-4' tall.  

From a growing standpoint, treat tomatillos like you would tomatoes - especially when it comes to support (cage, trellis or even a few bamboo stakes).  They love full sun, heat,  and well draining, fertile soil.  Mulch them at the base to ensure good soil moisture throughout the season.  Container friendly (we recommend 10 gallon minimum).  
Grow two or more plants to ensure good pollination.  

  • Days to Harvest: 70 - 75
  • Companion Plants: Basil, Borage, Calendula, Dill, Parsley, Sunflowers, Zinnias
  • Open Pollinated (OP), Heirloom
  • Plant Spacing: 12 - 24" 


Photo Credit: Siskiyou Seeds 

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