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Sage, Extrakta

Sage, Extrakta

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Extrakta Sage is an improved strain of common/garden sage with a high essential oil content, making it excellent for both culinary and medicinal use.  If you haven't tried frying up the fresh leaves until they're crispy and serving with pork chops, we highly recommend!!  Add it to your herb butter and add a slab atop pork chops or veggies and your taste buds will want to party all night long!

Both the silver-green foliage and dark purple flowers are edible, and leaves retain their flavor when dried - try drying and then compare the scent of that to a store bought dried sage and you will never go back to store-bought dried sage again!!  Can be used in aromatherapy and herbal smoking blends.

Highly aromatic, which in turn also makes it deer resistant - we like to strategically plant sage at the edges of our gardens to keep Bambi and company away.  The gorgeous dark purple flowers draw in pollinators from all over!  Native to the Mediterranean region with documented medicinal uses going back to ancient Greece.

Grow with other mediterranean-type plants; thrives in full sun and is drought tolerant.  Great for containers!!  Remember, perennials can often take until the second year to bloom or reach their full growth potential.       

  • Days to Harvest: 75 
  • Companion Plants: Everything but cucumber & onions
  • Heirloom, Open-Pollinated (OP)
  • Plant Spacing: 2 - 3' 


Photo Credit: Jessica Page

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