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Lettuce, Cool Season Mix 6pk

Lettuce, Cool Season Mix 6pk

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This lettuce mix is best grown in early spring and autumn (September-early November), and includes varieties that have shown excellence in Oregon's spring and fall lettuce trials.  We absolutely love the diversity in this mix and have grown it for the last several years in our own gardens as well!

Includes easy to grow romaine, butterhead, loose leaf and oak leaf types.  Most suitable for cut-and-come-again harvesting, but totally can be grown for head lettuce too.  These varieties have performed well in our cool seasons, so if you like salads during the cooler months (and who doesn't??), this is an absolute must!! 

Great for containers!  

  • Days to Maturity: 28 
  • Companion Plants: Basil, Broccoli, Cilantro, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Zucchini
  • Open Pollinated (OP)
  • Plant Spacing: 6 - 18"  

Photo Credit: Jessica Page, Kristen Kadow

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