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Mint, Catnip

Mint, Catnip

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Calling all cat ladies and cat daddies!!!  Why buy dried catnip that has been shipped here from who knows where and is who knows how old...when you can grow your own!  We guarantee that your kitties will LOVE this catnip, both fresh and dried! 

If you want to grow catnip for your fur babies, just keep in mind that its recommended for cats that are 6 months of age or older.  The compound that drives the kitties WILD is known as nepetalactone, which causes extreme euphoria.  If you have kitties under 6 months old, we'd recommend just checking with your vet that its ok for them to be around.  

Of course, there are more reasons to grow catnip than attracting every cat for miles (haha).  This perennial, drought tolerant herb is also deer resistant AND it has been known to repel many an unwanted pest (aphids, ants, flea beetles and squash bugs) in the garden while also attracting many types of beneficial insects! It has long been used in herbal medicine, but since we're not medical professionals, we'll let you consult your doctor or do your own science-based research to determine if this herb is right for you. 

Bottom line, catnip is another multi-faceted powerhouse and we are here for all of it! This plant will grow in pretty much any soil condition, as long as it has full sun.  Keep in mind that it can self-seed and spread readily, but is easy to contain or transplant.  

  • Days to Harvest: 60 - 90 
  • Companion Plants: Beets, Broccoli, Collards, Hyssop, Squash, Tomatoes
  • Open-Pollinated (OP), Perennial
  • Plant Spacing: 12 - 18" 

Growing Guide

Whether you're a new or seasoned gardener, it can be good to educate yourself about your new plant.
We highly recommend (& use ourselves) the Almanac's Growing Guides.

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