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Hyssop, Anise

Hyssop, Anise

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Anise Hyssop is one of our favorite perennial herbs!  This fragrant herb smells of sweet licorice and mint and is a hit with bees, butterflies and hummingbirds!  And, if you have a feathered flock like we do, most of the ladies LOVE Anise Hyssop, and it's really good for them too!  We have never seen so many bees in the garden as we have when our Anise Hyssop plants are in bloom!!! 

This plant has dense blooms of deep violet, 8-10" flower spikes.  Back in the day, they called it "The Wonder Honey Plant" - so at the very least, add this to your garden for the sake of the pollinators! 

Both the leaves and flowers can be used fresh or dried in teas, on cakes or salads, even as cut flowers!  We personally also love adding the leaves in a herbal steam when we need to clear up our respiratory system.  But as you can see, this is a multi-purpose plant!  

Anise Hyssop grows well in all soil conditions (even clay!), but it does need well-draining soil.  It prefers full sun or partial shade.  Great for containers!  
Harvest flowers when 1/3-1/2 of them are open - expect a vase life of 7-10 days.  

  • Days to Maturity: 65
  • Companion Plants: Bee Balm, Brassicas, Collards, Kale, Squash, Zinnias
  • Open-Pollinated (OP), Heirloom, Perennial
  • Plant Spacing: 12 - 18" 

Photo Credit: Jess Page

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