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Hey!  We're Jess & Kristen, two friends that bonded over our love of chickens and gardening. 

We started PNW Garden Girls in February 2022 because we believe that all people should have access to growing their own food to feed their families and community.


I'm what you'd call a modern day homesteader.  Gardening & farming is a big part of my family's heritage and i've been doing it as long as I can remember.  

My partner & I grow as much food as we can so that if we're not eating it fresh, we're eating it canned, all year long.  I have 2 littles that can be great garden helpers.  We just got a couple of baby chicks and are looking forward to fresh eggs and free fertilizer ;) 

Some of my favorite things to grow are beans, tomatoes and garlic.  I like to stay busy all the time so if i'm not out in the garden, i'm probably canning!  If you ever have canning questions, i'm your girl ;) 


I grew up with a love and appreciation of nature, which eventually took me down the path of growing my own food & medicine.  In 2022, I completed the OSU Master Gardener program, coincidentally around the same time we started PNW Garden Girls! 

You can find me working out in my yard (working on that backyard habitat certification!), talking to my neighbors about gardening, or just hanging out back with my chickens who all know their names and are spoiled beyond belief but lay the best eggs you've ever had. ;)  Spending time in my garden or with my feathered babies is some of the best therapy for my neurodivergent brain.

Some of my favorite things to grow are basil, chives, garlic, and hot peppers.  I avoid canning but love to preserve my harvests by flash freezing veggies + herbs, making seasonings, and of course all the herb butter.