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Rosemary is an evergreen herb with blue flowers. It is an aromatic and distinctive herb with a sweet, resinous flavor.  It prefers Mediterranean growing conditions: full sun and well-draining, dry soil.  "Wet feet" is basically death to rosemary.  Grow with plants that prefer similar conditions.  

Rosemary plants can range between 18 - 60" in height - remember they are perennial, so they take a little longer to grow but they reward you nonetheless.  Rosemary may overwinter in colder climates if mulched or protected from the harsh elements.  Thrives in full sun and well-draining soil.  

  • Days to Maturity: 80 - 100 
  • Companion Plants: Calendula, Chives, Lavender, Oregano, Sage, Thyme 
  • Heirloom, Open-Pollinated (OP)
  • Plant Spacing: 18 - 36"

Photo Credit: Jess Page

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