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Eggplant, Ping Tung Long

Eggplant, Ping Tung Long

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Last year, we fell in love first with the gorgeous leaves on the Ping Tung Long Eggplant!  Then we fell in love with the rest of the plant as she produced beautiful long, slender, glossy lavender-magenta fruits.  This is a variety that is definitely high yielding and exceptionally tender and flavorful.  Named for the city in Taiwan it hails from, Ping Tung tolerates heat, disease and moist conditions.  Totally perfect for our climate! 

These compact plants are super vigorous and stress tolerant.  Slim fruits average 1-2" wide; plants grow 24 - 32" in height and should be staked for straight fruit.  No peeling required.  Excellent for containers, especially with their ornamental appeal.  We absolutely consider their leaves just as ornamental as the fruits!   She's a beauty all around.  

Eggplants are part of the same plant family as tomatoes and peppers (Solanum aka Nightshades), so growing conditions will be the same: full sun, well-draining, fertile soil.  Mulching around the plant retains soil moisture.  

  • Days to Harvest: 70
  • Companion Plants: Basil, Borage, Cilantro, Marigolds, Peppers, Zinnias
  • Heirloom, Open-Pollinated (OP)
  • Plant Spacing: 12 - 24"


Photo Credit: Jessica Page

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