Gardening 101 - Knowledge is Power!

The great thing about gardening is there is no standard of perfection...and there's ALWAYS more to learn! 
It can be super overwhelming on where to turn when you have questions though.  So we've shared some awesome local gardening resources that we literally reference all the time!!  

Backyard Habitat Certification Program

We absolutely love the Backyard Habitat Program!  Jess is working on getting her yard certified and REALLY loves that there's no deadline for completion.  This is not a race to the finish, it's about creating natural habitats that are ideally low maintenance, adaptable to our climate and support people, wildlife and the plant (of course!). Basically you're adding more native plants to your yard and working with nature, not against it!

It's only $30 to apply and BONUS: you get coupons in the mail every year for local nurseries (to buy native plants), regardless of where you are in the completion or certification process.  Those coupons are so worth the one time fee!!  Plus, they've got a ton of resources, invites to exclusive yard & garden tours, native plant sales, the works.  Honestly, this might be the best $30 Jess ever spent, legit.  HIGHLY recommend applying.  
*If you live in Washington, click here to check out the Washington Backyard Habitat Certification Program.  

OSU Extension Service Catalog

Looking for research-based info that is current and relevant to our local community and climate?  LOOK NO FURTHER.  The OSU Extension catalog literally has EVERYTHING you could ever want and more.  We seriously use this all the time.  They update it as new research-based info becomes available so it's not like you're reading info from 1865.  Here are some popular releases right now, and pro tip: you can view almost all of the articles online for free (either as a PDF or webpage), WOOT! 

Pickling Vegetables (PNW 355)
Growing Strawberries in your Home Garden (EC 1307)
Growing Your Own: A Practical Guide to Gardening in Oregon

In case you didn't know, master gardeners provide research-based info about sustainable gardening to their local community in Oregon.  They have chapters all over the state (if you live in Washington, there are master gardeners there too!  They're actually all over the US.  Here's the link to find local gardening resources for Washington residents!

Master gardeners host workshops, annual plant sales, monthly speaker series, demonstration gardens, etc all in an effort to educate the public. You can also reach out (call, email, submit a form online) with gardening questions via their helpline
< Ask a Master Gardener > 

10-Minute University Videos

These are a series of short classes on key gardening info, taught by Oregon State University Extension Service Master Gardeners, they have handouts of previous classes and recorded videos too! We have watched a ton of these and have this resource bookmarked in our favorites!! 

East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District’s Free Workshops  

EMSWCD offers awesome FREE workshops and classes on a wide range of conservation topics at locations throughout East Multnomah County.  You don't have to live in Multnomah County to attend their workshops either - we've attended a ton (virtually) and can personally attest to their awesomeness.